I Love Living in a Quirky Inner-City Neighborhood!



I love living in a quirky, inner-city neighborhood!

We have homes here that are over 100 years old, and homes that are new construction. No two properties are exactly alike.  We have artists, and professionals, and family with kids, and DINKS, and GUPpies, people that are new to the area, retired people, up and coming entrepreneurs, students, and elderly people that live in the homes that they were born in.

Every single street is different.  You never know what the next block will bring.  We have huge old trees, Victorian gardens, manicured lawns, garden chotchkies, and contemporary patio home green spaces.  People walk their dogs at all times of the day, adults are riding bicycles, many great restaurants and clubs and businesses are within walking distance.  Distances to get somewhere are given in minutes, not miles.  We have civic associations that people volunteer to be a member of, not required to be a member of.

This type of neighborhood is not for everyone, of course, but I personally can’t imagine living anywhere else.


About leehudman

I am a fifth generation native of the city of Houston, TX. I live in the eclectic East Montrose neighborhood. I have been a full time licensed Realtor for 30+ years, so I know the real estate business and I know this city! I specialize in Houston's popular inner-loop neighborhoods.
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