What Makes Houston the Next Great American City?

Houston-Buffalo-Bayou-Park-1Ok, I’ve got to admit that I’m a little biased about Houston since my family has been here for over five generations. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong! Houston is a great place to live. It’s far from perfect, of course, but it’s still an exciting and dynamic cosmopolitan city. I often work with people moving to Houston from other parts of the country. I can’t tell you how many of them tell me that they all heard horror stories about the city from friends and colleagues before they came here. It’s Hot! It’s full of mosquitoes! It’s full of hicks! It’s a backwater! You’ll hate it! And don’t forget the Hollywood stereotypes – sand dunes, cactus, everyone riding horses with a six-gun in their belts, oil wells in every back yard, refineries as far as you can see, polluted air, horrible traffic – basically hell on earth. Well guess what? Almost all of these same people told me that once they got here, that they were pleasantly surprised! It’s green! The people are really friendly! There are lots of beautiful hidden neighborhoods. Great restaurants! Great shopping! I actually LIKE it!

So, today I came across a great article from the Smithsonian Magazine (who’da thunk it??!!!!) that also thinks that Houston has something going for it after all.

What Makes Houston the Next Great American City? – from The Smithsonian Magazine

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I am a fifth generation native of the city of Houston, TX. I live in the eclectic East Montrose neighborhood. I have been a full time licensed Realtor for 30+ years, so I know the real estate business and I know this city! I specialize in Houston's popular inner-loop neighborhoods.
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