Houston vs. Dallas


Ok, I will admit that I am a little bit biased (well, actually a lot) in favor of Houston vs. Dallas since my family has been in Houston for over five generations, so I can’t resist posting this website that I found that explains why Houston is better than Dallas.

Houston vs. Dallas

This webpage gave me a lot of laughs, told me some things about my beloved city that I didn’t know, and confirmed a lot that I did know!

I’ve never quite been able to figure out why Houston seems to get a bum rap in so much of the media.  Anytime Texas is mentioned, the story always seems to mention Dallas.  I guess that I’ll just blame it on the “Dallas” television show.

About leehudman

I am a fifth generation native of the city of Houston, TX. I live in the eclectic East Montrose neighborhood. I have been a full time licensed Realtor for 30+ years, so I know the real estate business and I know this city! I specialize in Houston's popular inner-loop neighborhoods.
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